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Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingTuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 5:01am
The auction to buy an original portrait of our beloved Attila begins right now!

Please post your bids below.

Artist: Kris Barone Parente of KrisKat Artistry

Specifications: 9.5" x12" portrait of Attila, done in pastels

All shipping costs within the continental United States will be covered by the rescue.

Auction ends at noon tomorrow, 1/23/2018.

Get ready.

Get set.

Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingMonday, January 22nd, 2018 at 12:17pm

Kris Barone Parente, Attila's devoted foster mother, is also a talented artist who does animal portraits on commission.

To raise money for Attila's care and for Magnificat, Kris has come up with what we feel is her best work yet: a 9.5" x12" portrait of Attila, done in pastels. It shows Attila as he must once have been, clean and handsome, and perfectly captures that faraway look in his eyes, as if he can see into another world that the rest of us can't. We almost cried when we saw it, we were so moved.

This portrait of Attila will be auctioned off here on Magnificat's Facebook page, starting at twelve noon tomorrow, Monday, January 22 and ending at noon Tuesday, January 23. People will have 24 hours to bid by posting in the auction post, which will appear here tomorrow at the top of the page at the stroke of noon. The winner will be announced Tuesday, and Magnificat will ship it by certified mail.

To all of you who love Attila and follow his story, this is your chance to have a permanent and unique memento. We will ask Attila himself to stamp his pawprint and personally dedicate the portrait to the winner.

Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingSaturday, January 20th, 2018 at 12:06pm
Magnificat Cat Rescue has pulled Oakley, a very friendly and affectionate cat.

From what we read in his surrender notes, Oakley came from the Bronx, where residents had seen him limping outside an apartment building. At the New York City ACC, he was found to have a bad puncture wound on one paw, which was swollen and must have been very painful. The vets at the ACC cleaned and treated his wound. He was doing much better, but then he ended up on the euthanasia list when he came down with an upper respiratory infection.

He was a staff favorite, so the ACC emailed a special plea to rescues.

You all know how much we love orange cats, so....

Unfortunately, since he has a URI, albeit a mild one, the ACC was not able to neuter him, so he will come with the pungent aroma of Eau de Tomcat. We sincerely look forward to Oakley's quick recovery, at which point he will be neutered immediately!

He is going to the brand-new quarantine space at Kate's, with the cages bought with money we raised in last week's fundraiser.

Magnificat Cat Rescue is a 501 c (3) registered nonprofit and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please help us to continue saving cats like Oakley by making donations to
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingWednesday, January 17th, 2018 at 10:05am
Attila adores getting attention from the other cats, especially from Enzo, who from the beginning appointed himself as Attila's guardian. He watches over Attila and is very firm about keeping his charge presentable, since Attila's brain damage has left him unable to groom himself.

Attila is much loved by Kris and her other cats. Keep that in mind as you continue reading this report.

As those of you who follow Attila know, he has exceeded all our expectations. The cat with severe brain damage who could only walk in circles and who seemed lost in a world of his own is now able to leap up to the window sill and onto Kris's bed. He never sleeps alone. One of the other cats always keeps him company. It's as if they know he cannot be left alone and take turns to be with him. He has achieved a quality of life and companionship we never dared hoped for.

We've always known that the improvement was based on the steroids and would not last for ever. For the past few months, Attila has been on a maintenance dose of dexamethasone, a steroid that is 8-10 times more powerful than prednisolone, the steroid usually given to cats. Thanks to the dexamethasone, the symptoms caused by the tumor in his left frontal lobe (and there is no longer any doubt that is what he has) improved greatly. Although he has no sense of awareness on one side of his body and cannot process visual or auditory impulses on that side, dexamethasone reduced the inflammation and allowed him to live "normally." He uses his litter box perfectly and walks everywhere.

Last week we got the first hint that this improvement would not last forever. Attila began circling aimlessly aimlessly, letting out yowls for no reason. When the dexamethasone was increased to once daily, his symptoms vanished. Which would have been good news, means that it is starting to be less effective. At some point, it will cease working entirely. As a vet told us once, "Steroids work great - until they don't." We are also mindful that daily doses mean a greater risk of the serious side effects we have so far managed to avoid.

Attila is still doing well. We hope he will continue that way for as long as possible. At all times, his quality of life will guide any decision, and right now he is enjoying the best possible life. But we did want everybody who loves Attila to know what is going on.
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming added 4 new photos.Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 12:18pm
The Bronx is full of friendly house cats that have been dumped on the street, cats that follow people in the hopes that they will be able to get back inside and be warm and well-fed again.

Curry was one of them, a friendly orange male who set up headquarters between the police station and the firehouse in Soundview, where people would put out cans of food for him. He was a very lucky cat, too, because our friend, Iris, heard about him, got him neutered and vetted, and contacted us to make him a Magnificat cat.

Thanks to our rescue partner, Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Massachusetts, Curry appeared in the Pet Parade segment on Boston CBS. He was a total rock star! A couple who saw him on TV went to meet him in person and all three fell in love.

In his new home, Curry is enjoying a life far removed from the Soundview streets. Today we got the nicest update from his adopters:

"Greetings from Cambridge, MA!
We adopted Curry last Wednesday 1/10 from Buddy Dog in Sudbury MA.
We absolutely are thrilled that he is with us; he has settled in nicely and seems very content!!
He is very affectionate, smart & just a joy! He's enjoying watching the birds & squirrels!
Thank you so much for rescuing him and be assured that we will take wonderful care of him!"

Congratulations on your new home, Curry! We wish all Bronx street cats could be so lucky.
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingMonday, January 15th, 2018 at 3:24am
For those who wish to become fluent in Catspeak.


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