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Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingWednesday, July 26th, 2017 at 1:27pm
Lest anyone think that by rescuing Dover the Magnifidog we had forgotten our feline roots, Magnificat Cat Rescue would like everybody to know that about the same time we also pulled two wonderful cats who were going to euthanized at the ACC.

Velcro the black cat is barely a year old and got the highest behavior rating of BEGINNER. One look at that face was enough to make us want him. Mona is 7 years old, a friendly and affectionate female who really knows how to rock a feather boa. We couldn't let her die, either.

Velcro is going to be fostered by our friend Kate at Kitty Garden Sanctuary and Mona is going to Ari in Brooklyn. Thanks to Kate and Ari for offering to help! Both these cats will be up for adoption in a week or two. We will post pictures of them in their foster homes in a few days, we promise!

Please donate and help us rescue more cats like Velcro and Mona. Magnificat Cat Rescue is a registered nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingMonday, July 24th, 2017 at 9:30am
Update on Dover the Magnifidog

Long before there was a Magnificat Cat Rescue, Cary, our president, was an ardent dog man. He still talks about the beloved dog he had as a teenager. As soon as he saw Dover's picture, he was dying to meet him.

So today he drove us to pick him up at the ACC. The minute Dover came bounding through the gates, we were both smitten. Dover was even friendlier and better looking than we expected, full of energy and determined to explore the short block of West 110th Street where the ACC is located. He pulled on his leash in his excitement at being outdoors, but other than that he was perfect, absolutely perfect.

Dover got into the back seat with little fuss. His tail never stopped wagging, and all through the long drive to Goshen he would lean over the front seat to give Cary's neck slobbery kisses (which struck us as dangerous since Cary was driving), then across the seat to lie on our lap and lick our face. In between, he would stare out the window, mesmerized by the cars whizzing by. By the time we got on the George Washington Bridge, we were in love.

So was Cary. "I have first dibs on him," he announced. We reminded him that his wife, a most tolerant woman who knows her husband well, had made it clear that morning that theirs was to remain a cat-only household. Besides, one of our rescue partners was also interested in him. Cary didn't seem to care: "He can be fostered until he gets over the kennel cough and is well enough to get neutered, and then, if he is good with cats, he will come to live with us." Only with every lick and wag of the tail, we were starting think that maybe we needed a dog, too. "I will give you visitation rights," Cary said.

We finally got to John Sibley's place, still arguing over who would get Dover. Lara Swenson, John's wife, was waiting for us, and she, too, though Dover was wonderful. We cannot thank John and Lara enough for offering to foster Dover, especially when we saw how great their setup was.

It truly hurt to say goodbye to Dover, even though we were leaving him in the best of hands. On the way back, Cary plotted how to persuade his wife. At one point he mentioned how he, Cary, hadn't asked for a birthday present this year. "I will tell her that Dover can be my birthday present!"

We have to say, we sympathized with Cary, even if we do think his four cats will absolutely put all their paws down and nix the idea. Dover is amazing!

We are so glad we saved him. Other dogs, as friendly as Dover, and so many wonderful cats are in danger of being euthanized at the ACC. Please, please consider enriching your life by fostering or adopting a rescue animal! It will be the best decision you ever make.
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming added 4 new photos.Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 9:20am
Happy update: Our friend John Sibley has once again come to our aid and will foster Dover until he is over the kennel cough and can get neutered. Many, many thanks to John!

It must have been the heat.

Magnificat Cat Rescue has gone officially crazy today.

By pure coincidence, we saw a post about Dover, a friendly, one-year-old chocolate lab mix who was on today's euthanasia list.

We never look at the dog lists. The cat lists are bad enough. But Dover had such a happy face! "His tail never stops wagging!" his description noted. So on a whim, and absolutely positive that such a smiling dog must have been pulled, we emailed a query to the ACC, just to make sure he was safe.

And then we got an email informing us that Dover had no interest at all and had 15 minutes left.

We begged the ACC to give us one more hour to see if we could somehow place him, which they granted. Our first thought was to wonder what the hell had gotten into us. Our second thought was that we'd better start making calls right then and there. And so we frantically leaped into action.

We are still ironing out details. Dover has a mild case of kennel cough, so he needs to be fostered or boarded locally until he is well. We will update as we know more and we are sort of winging it as we go, to be honest, but we think we have temporary placement for him and the ACC is working with us to make sure he is safe.

But we did it: Magnificat Cat Rescue has just pulled Dover the Dog.

Just look at this face! We ask you - is he not irresistible? Could we let him die?

Magnificat Cat Rescue (and dog rescue, apparently) is a 501 c 3 registered nonprofit and deductions are tax deductible. Donations can be made to
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingSunday, July 16th, 2017 at 11:19am
Update on Boss Cat and Orange Cat Lady

Little Boss left his emergency foster today and moved to a foster-to-adopt home. David Baranowski, a real mensch, drove all the way from his home in Brooklyn to pick up Boss in Westchester, then drove all the way to Brooklyn, where Boss will be living with Elizabeth Compton and Bikatu, who was rescued from the New York City ACC, just like Boss. If all goes well, and Bikatu falls for Boss as hard as Elizabeth has, then Boss will have a permanent home, with a playmate as active and playful as he is.

We want to thank Kris Barone-Parente, whose offer to be an emergency foster saved Boss's life, and David, for giving up his Saturday morning to do cat transport. David's offer to help was providential, because Orange Cat Lady, Magnificat's program manager, is more or less out of commission.

A few days ago, Orange Cat Lady got up, cleaned the litter boxes, and made herself a cup of tea. She opened the refrigerator, bent down to get a lemon for her tea, let out a scream, and fell on the floor, where she remained for the next 20 minutes. She had thrown her back out.

Orange Cat Lady comes from a long line of effete, over-civilized wimps. There is not a hint of the stoic in her DNA. For once, though, we will have to forgive her moans and complaints, for the pain was really excruciating. At one point, it was so bad she would have done anything, up to and including necromancy. She is slowly improving and far more ambulatory, but can still not bend down (or get up unaided). A chiropractor has helped, but she deeply regrets not being able to magically transform her cats into resident massage therapists.

Here is Boss, already exploring his new home!
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingSaturday, July 15th, 2017 at 7:49am
Grieving today for a wonderful cat.

In the summer of 2015, Magnificat rescued two bonded brothers from the euthanasia list at the New York City ACC, where they were known as Tiger Cat and Rusty. After months of boarding, they were fortunate enough to be taken in by our friend Ari Ray.

Big, fat Tiger Cat was renamed Samson and cream tabby Rusty, always the sleeker and faster of the two, became Finn. Ari adored them and both cats flourished in their forever home, fussed over and doted upon, as cats should be.

In the past few days, Finn began having difficulties breathing. At first it looked like mild asthma. Then yesterday it suddenly worsened and Ari rushed him first to a rescue vet and then to the big emergency hospital in Brooklyn, where he was put on oxygen.

The bad news came later in the evening. Finn had fluid in his lungs. When his chest was tapped and the fluid drained, the x-ray showed even worse news: a huge mass in his chest.

Finn was dying of the same type of cancer as our beloved Tiger Tim. At most he had a couple of days to live

After sad and earnest discussions with his vet, Finn was given a steroid shot that made him temporarily more comfortable and Ari took him home for the night. Finn was able to say goodbye to his brother and to cuddle with Ari one last night.

And in the morning, she brought him back to the hospital and held him in her arms for the last time.

No more suffering, sweet Finn. Run free.
Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming
Magnificat Cat Rescue and RehomingFriday, July 7th, 2017 at 8:59am
Poor Nigel, the friendly little orange cat from the Aldi parking lot, is not having a good day. We knew something was not right, because mysterious blood spots started showing up in the bathroom where he is staying, so off he went to the vet

In the examination room, Nigel made a run for the sink (see picture). The minute that nice cold metal touched him, he let loose a stream of bloody urine.

Nigel was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) or sterile cystitis. He is temporarily at risk for a blockage and he was obviously in severe discomfort, so he got sub-q fluids, buprenex for the pain, cerenia for nausea and to reduce inflammation, and prazocin to relax his bladder muscles. He got the works, our poor boy.

We're familiar with FLUTD. Years ago, our own Twoflower had one major episode, followed two months later by a mild one. A change to an all-wet diet (later to all-raw) and supplements effected a complete cure and he never had an episode again. We're hoping for the same in Nigel's case.

Magnificat Cat Rescue is a 501 c 3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible. If you would like to send a donation to help Nigel, this is our donation link:


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